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using subapplications

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How do you include an application defined in another file in your application?


In blog.py:

import web
urls = (
    "", "reblog",
    "/(.*)", "blog"

class reblog:
    def GET(self): raise web.seeother('/')

class blog:
    def GET(self, path):
        return "blog " + path

app_blog = web.application(urls, locals())

In your main app.py:

import web
import blog

urls = (
    # Note: regex url matching is not supported for sub-app.
    # "/(blog|BLOG)" does not work, you have to define "/blog" and "/BLOG" instead.
    "/blog", blog.app_blog,
    "/(.*)", "index"

class index:
    def GET(self, path):
        return "hello " + path

app = web.application(urls, locals())

if __name__ == "__main__":