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Sessions with Sub-apps

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###Note This solutions is taken from this post on the web.py mailing list.

##Problem In its default behavior, session information can only be shared from within the main application, even if you ‘import’ the session from other modules. You need to be able to access session information from ‘sub applications’ but how?


In your app.py (or main.py) initialize your session like this:

session = web.session.Session(app, web.session.DiskStore('sessions'),
initializer = {'test': 'woot', 'foo':''})

.. and create a processor via web.loadhook:

def session_hook():
    web.ctx.session = session


.. and now in your ‘sub-apps’ (like sub-app.py) you can access the the session information like this:

print web.ctx.session.test
web.ctx.session.foo = 'bar'

.. if you want to make sessions avaible in templates you should change session_hook function like this:

def session_hook():
    web.ctx.session = session
    web.template.Template.globals['session'] = session

.. and now you can write in template something like this:

$session.get('logged_in', ''):
    <p>You are $session.username</p>
    <p>You are not logged in</p>