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DBHandler for Sessions



The DBHandler will provide Handler-interface to db storage. It will store pickled data, session id & client’s IP address in db. Also retreiving & removing requested data by id will be implemented. On request the DBHandler will perform a generall clean up -> delete old session rows.

Implementation details

DBHandler is a derivate of Handler.

Public methods

  • store() - it will store the session data (& pickle them before that); if the argument _old_id is set, it will look for an already storaged session data and if they are present overwrite them or else store as new; if there is already stored data (SELECT), it will do an UPDATE on the table, otherwise it will just call INSERT
  • retreive() - it will retreive storaged data unpickled in a Storage object ( id, ip, time, data), if there aren’t any for given id, it will return empty Storage object; it will do a SELECT on the storage db-table
  • remove() - it will remove storaged data for given id; it will not do a check to see if there is any stored data under given id, it will only call DELETE
  • clean() - it will remove all session data, which been updated longer then before given timeout (DELETE)


DBHandler will need an extra table in the db (where <name> == web.config.handler_parameters.db_table):

  CREATE TABLE <name> (
    ip CHAR(16) NOT NULL,
    created int NOT NULL,
    touched int NOT NULL,
    data TEXT

Sessions specs