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Example code for many common questions can be found in the cookbook section.

  1. Why are the urls just one long list?

    If they were a dictionary, they wouldn’t be ordered. If it was a list of tuples, then it’d be a lot more typing.

  2. How do I serve static files such as JavaScripts or images like PNG and JPG with the web.py server?

    Create a directory (also known as a folder) called static in the location of the script that runs the web.py server. Then place the static files you wish to server in the static folder. For example, the URL http://localhost/static/logo.png will send the image ./static/logo.png to the client.

  3. Where can I go for additional help?

    Google Groups has a web.py group that is quite helpful.

  4. How do I debug print to the console?

    web.debug(“I will get printed to the console and not the body of the webpage”)

  5. I stumbled over a bug in web.py. Where can I file it?

    Go to the webpy launchpad site, login (or register if you have to) and click on “report a bug”.

  6. What’s this magic ctx I see in examples?

    ctx cookbook recipe