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RESTful doctesting using app.request

#!/usr/bin/env python

RESTful web.py testing

usage: python webapp.py 8080 [--test]

>>> req = app.request('/mathematicians', method='POST')
>>> req.status
'400 Bad Request'

>>> name = {'first': 'Beno\xc3\xaet', 'last': 'Mandelbrot'}
>>> data = urllib.urlencode(name)
>>> req = app.request('/mathematicians', method='POST', data=data)
>>> req.status
'201 Created'
>>> created_path = req.headers['Location']
>>> created_path
>>> fn = '<h1 class=fn>{0} {1}</h1>'.format(name['first'], name['last'])
>>> assert fn in app.request(created_path).data


import doctest
import urllib
import sys

import web

paths = (
  '/mathematicians(/)?', 'Mathematicians',
  '/mathematicians/([a-z])-([a-z]{2,})', 'Mathematician'
app = web.application(paths, globals())

dbname = {True: 'test', False: 'production'}[sys.argv[-1] == '--test']
db = {} # db = web.database(..., db='math_{0}'.format(dbname))

class Mathematicians:

  def GET(self, slash=False):
    """list all mathematicians and form to create new one"""
    if slash:
        raise web.seeother('/mathematicians')
    mathematicians = db.items() # db.select(...)
    return web.template.Template("""$def with (mathematicians)
      <!doctype html>
        <meta charset=utf-8>
        $if mathematicians:
          <ul class=blogroll>
            $for path, name in mathematicians:
              <li class=vcard><a class="fn url"
              href=/mathematicians/$path>$name.first $name.last</a></li>
        <form action=/mathematicians method=post>
          <label>First <input name=first type=text></label>
          <label>Last <input name=last type=text></label>
          <input type=submit value=Add>

  def POST(self, _):
    """create new mathematician"""
    name = web.input('first', 'last')
    key = '{0}-{1}'.format(name.first[0].lower(), name.last.lower())
    name.first, name.last = name.first.capitalize(), name.last.capitalize()
    db[key] = name # db.insert(...)
    path = '/mathematicians/{0}'.format(key)
    web.ctx.status = '201 Created'
    web.header('Location', path)
    return web.template.Template("""$def with (path, name)
      <!doctype html>
        <meta charset=utf-8>
        <title>Profile Created</title>
        <p>Profile created for <a href=$path>$name.first $name.last</a>.</p>
      </html>""")(path, name)

class Mathematician:

  def GET(self, first_initial, last_name):
    """display mathematician"""
    key = '{0}-{1}'.format(first_initial, last_name)
        mathematician = db[key] # db.select(...)
    except KeyError:
        raise web.notfound()
    return web.template.Template("""$def with (name)
      <!doctype html>
        <meta charset=utf-8>
        <title>$name.first $name.last</title>
      <body class=vcard>
        <p><a href=/mathematicians rel=up>Mathematicians</a> &#x25B8;</p>
        <h1 class=fn>$name.first $name.last</h1>

if __name__ == "__main__":
  if sys.argv[-1] == '--test':