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###Problem: You want to add data to a database


With version 0.3, databases are defined like this:

db = web.database(dbn='postgres', db='mydata', user='dbuser', pw='')

Once the database is defined as such, performing insert can be performed like this:

# Insert an entry into table 'mytable'
sequence_id = db.insert('mytable', firstname="Bob",lastname="Smith",joindate=web.SQLLiteral("NOW()"))

The insert statement takes the following keyword arguments:

tablename seqname

##tablename The name of the table in your database to which you would like to add data to.

##seqname An optional argument, the default value is None. Set seqname to the ID if it’s not the default, or to False.

##_test The _test variable lets you see the SQL produced by the statement:

results = db.select('mytable', offset=10, _test=True) 
><sql: 'SELECT * FROM mytable OFFSET 10'>

##**values A set of named arguments that represent the fields in your table. If values are not given, the database may create default values or issue a warning.